Book Bundle Giveaway – For Authors

What is considered a full-length novel?

In this instance, we are considering any book over 50,000 words as full length.

What is considered a short story collection?

In this instance, we are considering any book containing three or more completed short stories as a collection.

What is the difference between a Facebook page and profile?

A Facebook page is one which can be “liked.” A Facebook profile is one that can receive friend requests. If you select Facebook as your entry-type (instead of Twitter), we require a Facebook page. If you provide the wrong Facebook link, your entry-type will be at our discrepancy, up to and including removal from the giveaway.

Why can’t I attach my file to the form?

Please be sure you are attaching just your cover, not the entire book. We only allow .jpg and .gif files as attachments. If you continue to have problems, please contact us.

Who do I deliver my eBook to?

The winner will be emailed letting them know they won. All of the participating authors will be copied on that email. You will then reply the winner via that email address with their prize from you.

My cover was updated since submitting my book to the Book Bundle Giveaway. How do I update the new one?

We do not accept ‘updates’ on books that have already been submitted. Please do not re-submit, as submissions are processed in the order received. By the time we get to your new submission, we will have already processed your old one and, due to time constrains, updates will have to be discarded. Thank you.

How is the Book Bundle Giveaway promoted?

The Book Bundle Giveaway is promoted in a variety of ways, including shared on the @rainyofthedark Twitter account (46,000+ followers), @bookandblogservices Twitter account (26,000+ followers),  the Book and Blog Services Facebook page (2,000+ likes), Triberr (reach of 4 million), pinned to our Pinterest board (1,000+ followers), and shared on Google Plus (14,000+ friends). It is also shared among the participating authors, posted through Thunderclap, featured on The Giveaway Ninja, sent in multiple newsletters, and promoted on one or more paid services.

Book Bundle Giveaway – For Readers

Is the Book Bundle Giveaway open internationally?

Yes, except void where prohibited.

What format are the books sent in?

We request the participating authors only to have a Kindle edition available, due to popularity. However, the winner will receive an email with the participating authors’ information, and the winner is free to ask if the author has another digital format available. Please understand not all authors will have all formats available.

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