vegasTake a walk down the famous Las Vegas Strip, bobbing and weaving through casinos, restaurants and shopping centers. See the sights and, more importantly, hear the sounds. “What Happened in Vegas” takes you on a journey down this world-famous street so you can experience one of the true, yet often overlooked, treasures of this magical town: people watching.

You’ll get a peek at the random, curious statements and questions you may very well hear at any given moment With 450 captured random moments, you are sure to find plenty to make you smile, laugh or just wonder what exactly is going on.

To bring the experience even more to life, over 75 pictures are included that are just as random as the phrases themselves, rounding off this truly unique Las Vegas experience. The only things missing are the smells of alcohol and stale cigarettes…

What Happened in Vegas … by Scott Haskin is normally $4.95 for Kindle edition (and well worth it!). Enter to win your copy below!


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