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Featured Book 1

Ember has a little problem…fairies want her dead.

Ember spends her Friday nights lurking in the bad parts of town, killing fairies. It’s either that, or become a victim to their flesh-eating hunger.

Then she meets Remy, a fae who, despite getting on her nerves, isn’t evil. He tells her that a shadow has been consuming his world, changing its inhabitants and letting destructive beasts into his city. He is searching for his brother who went missing during the catastrophe.

When a team of mercenaries come for Ember, she has little choice but to join Remy in his quest. Together, they decide to bait a trap. What they find reveals the destruction of the fae world means the end of the human world, too–and it’s Ember’s fault.

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Featured Book 2

A jaded and dark-humored, young black man is forced to start killing again.

Pike Richards is used to having women beg him to kill them. What he isn’t used to is refusing to do the act. As a blood-cursed siren, he’s only allowed to live as long as there is someone to hear his song. However, after witnessing humans round up and kill descendants of the gods for fear of magic, Pike is ready to die alongside them. Mankind created the tech virus, a scientific breakthrough that could allegedly make them immune to the effects of magic. It backfired, and now humans are turning into beasts, and mankind faces the potential end of its race.

Pike enters into a contract with Compound Six, one of the last safe havens left in the world. He’ll help them retrieve the cure if Sadie Evans, a young girl he sees as a daughter, is given a dose. The cure is located at one of the crossroads, a magic space considered sacred to the gods. Only a siren can enter this space. The blood-cursed, however, are not permitted to leave. As everything spirals out of his control, Pike needs to find a way to beat the law that would force him to stay. He must return to Sadie. If that weren’t enough, he develops confusing feelings for a strong-willed fury, who is also part of the mission but who seeks answers that, if found, threaten to undo him. Pike must decide between returning with the cure and living in a world that no longer has a place for him or silencing mankind once and for all.

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